At The Scene of the Accident

When you talk to the other driver involved in the accident don’t apologize or explain what happened. You don’t want to admit fault and say you’re sorry. You would have avoided the accident if you could have and assume that’s true for the other driver too.

You do need to trade information so get the right information for the Insurance Company to process the claim. You need the facts about the other driver and the vehicle they were driving. Get their Name, Address, Phone number, Email address of the driver from their license and insurance card. You also need the Make, Model and Year of the car, their Insurance carrier and Insurance policy number.

Take photos of: The damage to your vehicle, the Accident scene and location. Or write it down.

If the police come to the scene get the officer’s information: Name, Badge or ID number, Phone number, Police report number and make sure to ask the police for a copy of the accident report.

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