Our founder and CEO, Sam Kromstain, is one of those managers and leaders everyone would like to have at the head of their company. He is loyal, understanding, and reliable. He started his professional career as a driver in logistic company at the age of 21, after graduating from the University of Seattle, the city where he once lived. In 5 years he moved to Chicago with his family. Then he began to fulfill his dream of having his own business that would be connected with cars – the passion of his whole life. In 2004, Sam became a witness of a situation when a resident of Chicago needed help with a car because of an accident, but couldn’t receive it because of towing companies’ sluggishness. This event helped Sam realize what company this city needs.

In 2006, after two years of work at the company of his parents, Sam gathered enough of financial resources to start his own business. “First months were not easy at all, but in half a year I managed to gather a good team of specialists”, says Mr. Kromstain. Today this team represents all the best that Auto Towing can offer its clients – reliability, professionalism, and availability. Resources are also of great importance to our company. Sam Kromstain is the main reason of our constant improvement and motivation of our employees to deliver better services.