Edna Barton is a secretary whose skills and experience cannot be overestimated. She deals with all our clients, checks the documentation on the cars delivered to our parking area, and manages the current meetings of our founder and CEO. Edna started her career as an assistant manager in accounting company in 2006 after graduating from the University of Chicago. According to her words, she received a lot of useful experience there, but she felt that accounting was not her cup of tea. That is why in 2008 she decided to enter the company where her skills of secretary would be of high demand.

Working as a secretary at Busco Ltd., a packaging company in Chicago, Edna has gained a lot of knowledge that came in handy later. After three years of working for this company, Edna decided to join Auto Towing because of her interest in dealing with real people than just with managers of trading companies. “I find Auto Towing a perfect place to work. They have nice and friendly atmosphere here, and I’m able to apply all my professional knowledge in dealing with documents, handling phone calls etc.”, says Edna Barton.